Monday, December 31, 2012

Dweller 1.22.13 - Happy new year!

After an unusually long period of no releases I'm finally back with a new Dweller release. I have been very busy at work, there's been the Christmas holiday to plan and enjoy and it's taken some time to set up the Dweller build environment on a Macbook Pro (I've used a PC up until now), but now it's pretty safe to say that most hurdles and road blocks for swift development of Dweller have been cleared away. 2013 will be a great year for Dweller with many exciting things planned! Happy new year everyone!

#569 Fix issue with quickslot indicator in inventory list not working for all items
#584 Add Elven Quicksilver Blade
#576 Try to clarify what the attack speed % means (ie is 80% better or worse than 120%)
#571 Pathfinding should work across poison if you're poison resistant
#583 Reduce casting time of spells to 100% (same as other actions)
#582 Minotaur's Axe should not be enchantable
#562 Add a way to distinguish named monsters from normal ones
#579 zzZ not present over a sleeping monster

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Vote for Dweller!

It's time to vote for Roguelike of the Year. This annual event is arranged by Andrew Doull (one of the guys behind Roguelike Radio). If you've enjoyed playing Dweller this year I'd very much appreciate if you could vote for me!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Status update

Some of you who are used to a very rapid release cycle may start to feel a bit worried about the lack of releases lately. Don't worry though, I haven't abandoned Dweller! I've simply had too much work to do at my day job. I recently got assigned to an iOS project and had to learn a whole new world of things... I'm starting to get used to the company Macbook Pro I borrowed. Objective-C isn't as terrible as before when I only had looked at code and never written a line myself. The iPhone is still a bit crap as is the horrible XCode IDE (yes, yes, my colleagues are nagging me to install AppCode).

All in all it's been a fairly good experience and it's even gotten as far as me ordering a Macbook Pro of my own (insanely expensive, but with monster specs). I intend to dual-boot it with Windows 8 and use it as my main development machine when on the move. A positive side-effect may be that Dweller for iOS is a little bit closer to a reality than before!

And when it comes to Dweller I'm actually getting closer to completing a version of Dweller that makes use of Libgdx to significantly improve rendering performance. It's still far from complete, but yesterday I got a version running with the correct graphics but with a few rendering artifacts.

I'll try to make an interim release with some minor changes and improvements that have been discussed on the forum.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Development plan - Winter 2012

I thought I should share my rather fuzzy development plan for Dweller for the coming few months. The plan is fuzzy because I find myself more and more unsure of what to do to improve Dweller further. I'm sure there's a ton of things I could do, but I've worked on Dweller for so long and that makes it hard to look at the game with fresh eyes (like a player who discovers Dweller for the first time). I've never meant for Dweller to be anything but a hobby project where I can experiment with different coding practices, technologies, platforms and have fun coding. At the same time it is pretty obvious that the average Android users expects a hell of a lot more of a game today than only one or two years ago. Anything less than a triple A title and you're required to be either very innovative to get player attention or be content with a much smaller group of brilliant gamers who can see beyond pretty pictures and enjoy a game because of other merits. You guys who are reading this are among the latter group, and I love you for it, but that doesn't mean I can't have at least a little bit of both, does it?

This is why at least part of my plans for the winter are about polishing the game in such a way to make it more attractive to "the masses". So, without further ado, here's the plan:

  • Add an intro screen. I'd like to have some pretty pictures to give a good first impression.
  • Improve the death/win screen. Currently it's something of an anti-climax to beat the game.
  • Add music and sound (at least for Android and desktop version, most likely not for J2ME). I'm in touch with a composer who is working on music for Dweller. 
  • Improve rendering performance by switching to OpenGL using libgdx or similar. Tablet performance is total crap at the moment and low-end Android devices are also starting to struggle. Switching to hardware accelerated rendering will increase performance significantly.
  • Add player perks. I'd like to see something similar to talent trees (as seen in WoW, Torchlight, Diablo etc). It's going to be hard to balance, but I'd really like to allow the player to within each class come up with different kinds of character builds supported by talents/perks.
  • Add more dungeon variation with rare rooms, encounters and items.
I'm really interested in hearing your thoughts on the focus of Dweller in the months to come. In the words of House Stark, "Winter is coming", and I'd like to have a solid plan backed by the community to get it all done.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Dweller 1.22.12

Minor release primarily focused on bug fixes and stability issues. Full list of changes:

#553 Remove teleport traps from the labyrinth
#554 Unique monsters/bosses should ignore hidden traps
#555 Make sure that banishing a previously summoned ally when trying to summon it again never fails
#556 Adjust message sequence to show trigger message before damage message when moving to a cell with a trap
#557 Remove duplicate "You miss" message when the player misses a target
#558 Periodic effects such as poison should trigger on any action, not just movement
#559 Items that recharge when an enemy is killed should not have to be equipped to be recharged
#560 Adjust delay of stun effect to be half the time it takes for the stunned creature to make a move
#561 Make sure to not change position of an item in a quickslot if it is enchanted or recharged
#552 Fix broken room where items can sometimes be generated in walls
#544 Fix problem with item on the ground being destroyed when receiving a quest reward
#531 Being disarmed while all neighboring tiles are filled with items should not destroy the dropped weapon
#564 Player box does not properly update at all times
#565 Chest traps should not prevent the player from opening chest using targeting mode
#566 It should be possible to see if an item is in a quickslot from the inventory list

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Dweller 1.22.11

Minor bugfix release:

#546 Remove "You resist" message when already poisoned
#547 Remove "You feel slowed down" message when already slowed
#545 Fix lingering enemy HP bar in top left corner of level
#548 Fix incorrect graphics for Claw of Wendingo
#549 Fix missing sleep and idle animations
#550 Add poisoned chest trap
#551 Reduce dodge chance

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Dweller 1.22.9 - changes aplenty!

It took a while didn't it? Sorry 'bout that... but it's finally here, the new version of Dweller! The new version is shipped with a long list of changes. Some highlights:

  • Shields are now in the off-hand category and can have on-block effects. Check out the spiked buckler!
  • You no longer auto-gain a point of HP on level up. HP will be listed along with the rest of the stats that you're able to pick
  • The required skull for the Restless Ghost quest should now be spawned on only the level where you get the quest, not randomly at any level.
  • You will now find small status icons next to you HP bar if you get poisoned, slowed, disarmed or when you are levitating

Full list of changes:

#514 Change description of warrior ally to not use the same as the warrior class description
#515 Change so that required quest items such as the Skull in the Restless Ghost quest are generated on the same level as the quest
#517 Review item prices for standard items
#520 Move Gold coins from Jewellery category
#521 Change Shield category to an Off-hand category
#522 Quiver of Elven Arrows (unlimited use) should always be generated with basic stats (no fine, worn etc)
#505 Add option to toggle minimap rectangle on/off
#524 HP and Energy (mana) should not automatically increased on level up
#525 HP and Energy should get fully recharged on level up
#526 It should be possible to increase Energy (mana) on level up
#527 Named monsters should have higher stats to make them more of a challenge
#528 Dropping an equipped item did not remove any on-remove effects (such as levitation)
#529 Spiked bucklers should do damage to attacker when a block is successful
#530 Fix crash when pressing center/use on an empty inventory section
#532 Fix spamming quest complete message on loot quests when picking up more than the required number of items
#533 Remove duplicate "You fall through a trapdoor" message
#534 Change so that item cooldowns/auto-recharging on player action is triggered on the entire inventory and not only the equipment
#10 Add visual feedback on buttonclicks
#540 Add Czech translation
#537 Do not show "you can not use this" message for Gold
#541 It should be possible to assign items to the clicked on quickslot instead of first available quickslot
#535 Fix problems with wands and tools being removed from the quickslot when used
#538 Optimize inventory list
#9 Show status icons in the character portrait

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Czech will be the next language supported by Dweller

Once again has the Dweller community stepped up and provided a translation of Dweller to a new language! This time it's forum user Wendingo who has provided a translation of Dweller into Czech! The next version will be out in a few days and with the new release Dweller will support English, Swedish, Russian, French, Spanish, Polish and Czech.

If you would like to see Dweller translated into your own language then please join us at the forums, post here or send me an e-mail. Translating the game into your own language will not only give you the pleasure of playing in your native tongue. As a translator you will also be immortalized through an in-game item of your choice and design. Items such as the Magical Catnip, the Hell Cloak and the Celestial Armor are all created by translators of Dweller. Why don't you translate the game yourself and claim an item of your own?

PS Do you want an item of your own but don't want to go through the trouble of translating Dweller? Why don't you make a Donation instead?

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Dweller 1.22.8 - Balance, balance, balance!

This is mostly a game balance release with a few bug fixes as an added bonus:

#502 Merging oozes should reward more xp the larger they grow
#503 Quickslot item count does not auto-increase when picking something up
#504 Add random names to artifact items again
#506 Decrease base HP of the Ranger's dog
#507 Decrease base Magic and increase base Speed of Magical Cat
#508 Increase chance of finding Thieves's Tools
#509 Show item names in plural in inventory list if there's more than one of an item
#510 Fix missing item effect descriptions
#511 Adjust weight and attack value of some weapons to make them more useful
#512 Add a cooldown on Magical Catnip, Dog Whistle and Horn of the Warrior
#513 Increase defense on heavy armor

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Dweller 1.22.7 - Artifacts, fixes and a new quest

I'm back from vacation and I've almost caught up with my e-mails. And more importantly, I have released Dweller 1.22.7. This version contains quite a few tweaks and some new stuff for you as well:

#480 Fix Scroll of Enchant abuse bug
#481 Reduce sales price to one fourth of purchase price (previously one third)
#482 Remove the Use menu option from Piles of Bones
#483 Add a Miscellaneous item category in the inventory where Piles of Bones are listed
#484 The last item picked up from a loot quest does not trigegr a message or scrolling text
#485 Remove bogus "It is you!" message when using a Scroll of Enchant
#486 Remove empty "You get:" message when completing quests that give XP but no reward
#487 Remove small random variation in stats on some artifact items
#488 Reduce chance of finding artifacts
#489 Fix blocking "room" in the labyrinth
#490 Reduce sensitivity of fling gesture to reduce the number of touch events that do not register properly
#491 Elven Water should be sold by the Healer instead of the Merchant
#492 Add new arrow types
#493 Add a better arrow type sold by the Merchant
#494 Add the unique rings 'Ring of Longevity' and 'Ring of Mobility'
#496 Show on the minimap which part of a level is currently on screen
#497 Nerf Pearlescent Soul Stone
#498 Spell range no longer scale with magic stat
#499 Add Restless Ghost quest
#500 Add missing description to the Dungeon Atlas
#501 Adjust item prices to take item immunities into account

Monday, September 10, 2012

Dweller 1.22.6

Bugfix and tweaking release:

#475 Fix broken quest counter
#476 Remove message spam from Pearlescent Soul Stone
#477 Warrior ally should never become hostile when summoned
#478 Increase the number of kills needed to charge the Pearlescent Soul Stone
#479 Fix "out of range" message when enchanting stacks of items

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Dweller 1.22.5

It's been a little longer between releases than usual, but I've needed the extra time to expand existing functionality and develop new supporting functions that will lead to interesting item designs and quests in future versions. (This release is also my contribution to the Annual Roguelike Release Party 2012)

Items can from now on have effects that trigger when a creature is killed. The current use of this functionality can be seen in the new donor created item Pearlescent Soul Stone. The Soul Stone increases it's charges each time the player kills a creature and when fully charged it's power can be released to provide the same effect as using a Scroll of Enchant. This new "on kill" trigger can be used to create a lot of interesting items, for instance weapons that heal when a creature is killed (as opposed to the drain ability that exists now and work while the target is alive), wands that recharge when a target is killed or items similar to the Pearlescent Soul Stone that charge and when fully charged provides an on-use effect of some kind.

An interesting change for room contributors is that pressure plates can be used to open the new and otherwise impassable Iron Doors. This can be expanded to unlocking gates and doors as well but it should be done in collaboration with the Dweller community. Oh, yes, pressure plates and dart traps are hidden now! And there might be something else that is triggered by pressure plates as well...

There's also two new monsters and two new quests, one of which gives a really nice reward!

And there's a whole bunch of bug fixes and tweaks. Give the new version a try and let me know what you think, either in the comments below or on the forum!

#451 Increase number of sold Master Keys by the Merchant
#452 Add a portal to the Rat King's Lair
#453 All classes should start with a few Master keys
#454 Fix melee combat shield blocks
#455 Adjust melee combat dodge chance
#456 Remove "Summon Ratling Elder" ability from Rat King
#457 Items dropped by bosses should always replace any existing items on the ground
#458 Pressure plates and dart traps start hidden
#459 It should be possible to use lock pick on locked gates
#460 It should be possible to target creatures standing on a secret door
#461 Stairs should never be generated on the map edges
#462 Purple oozes should not have a 100% chance to drop gold
#463 Purple oozes should drop bones
#464 It should not be possible to put Calvin's Imagination in a quickslot
#465 Remove free teleport ability from Hell Cloak
#466 Add firesweep ability (with a twist) to Hell Cloak
#467 Reduced price of items when selling to a merchant
#469 Remove chance of Scrolls of Enchant to grant magic resistance
#470 Tweak the soft cap where Scrolls of Enchant start to become useless
#471 Add Pearlescent Soul Stone (donor item)
#472 Add Mouth of the King
#473 Add Animated Armor
#474 Add option to allow the d-pad to be moved to the right hand side of the screen

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Dweller 1.22.3 - The evil in the Sewers

Dweller 1.22.3 continues to build upon the recently introduced Sewers side branch. There's now a second floor to explore, a really bad-ass Ratking end boss (BTW check out indie devs Rat King Ent.!) and a nice little reward for slaying him.

The new version also introduces properly locked doors that require either a) a key b) a set of lock picks or c) a heavy weapon.

The frequency of locked doors and the availability of master keys probably need to be adjusted. I am also a little concerned that the Sewers are too difficult and need to be introduced one dungeon level further down (or swapped completely with the Labyrinth). Please provide your feedback here or join the Dweller community at the official forum.

#439 It should not be possible to go beyond the carrying capacity when picking up a stack of items
#436 Extend autopickup to everything that weighs 0
#55 Make locked doors more interesting
#440 Add a message telling about losing an item when dropped in water (or similar terrain)
#441 Improve quest completion message
#442 Bookshelves should only create books
#407 It should be possible to see if an item can be used when inspecting it
#443 Add new creatures to the Sewers
#444 Remove jammed doors
#445 Add a second level to the sewers
#446 Add a boss to the sewers

Monday, August 27, 2012

Dweller 1.22.2

Ah, I shouldn't rush a release or make last minute fixes. When will I ever learn?! I did some minor adjustments to the Halls of the Goblin King but I accidentally lost the spawn point for the Goblin King himself, thus resulting in player's not being able to finish the game. Luckily it was spotted and reported fast so the number of affected players shouldn't be that high. Still, it's embarrassing... sorry guys!

New in this release:

#433 Unique artifacts cannot be enchanted
#434 Add poison immunity to the Rat Hunter's Cloak
#437 Fix incorrect error message about quests not being completed properly when entering the training grounds
#438 Fix Goblin King spawn point

Forum temporarily unavailable

Due to some problems at the hosting provider the Dweller forum is currently unavailable.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Dweller 1.22.1

Minor fixes and adjustments...

#423 Fix potential crash on new game after dying while having an "Equip/Put in backpack" dialog open
#427 Bag of Treasure should generate better than average items
#428 Fix bug which prevents resetting the key bindings
#429 Prevent pets and immobile monsters from swapping places
#430 It should be possible to inspect an item lying in an open door
#431 Quiver of Arrows shows an amount of zero
#432 Removed alternate key binding on keys where primary binding isn't locked
#355 Add option to configure d-pad scale via settings menu

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Dweller 1.22.0

This release contains a few performance improvements and stability fixes that should speed up key areas of the game. The major performance bottleneck right now, especially on Android, is the actual rendering of graphics. I will have to look into switching to another graphics engine for Android, but it will have to wait a little while longer.

The new version also fixes some recently introduced bugs related to the Sewers and to poisons ans poison immunity.

Please note that this version breaks save game compatibility.

#415 Improve performance
#416 Doors and chests should be generated in the sewers
#417 All undead should be immune to poison
#418 Horned Helmet graphics is off by one pixel
#419 Oozes should be immune to poison
#420 Fix problem with poison immunity
#421 Improve speed when changing orientation [Android]
#422 Effects with a 1 cell radius incorrectly affected some targets twice

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Dweller 1.21.11 - Reintroducing The Sewers

The bug reports have finally slowed down to a trickle and the ones left seem to be really rare. Please keep sending any crashes you may come across!

The new version fixes some issues with the quickslots, menus and it does some minor adjustments to some weapon stats. The monster and ally AI was also a bit too clever in recent versions since the AI was sniffing out monsters out of their line of sight and even behind walls.

Last but not least the new version contains a first version of the reintroduced Sewers side branch. The new branch is a bit empty now, but you can expect it to fill up with new monsters and fun challenges in coming versions. Enjoy!

#409 Improve bitmasking to work on cave walls as well
#410 Adjust broadsword, longsword, great sword, battle axe, great axe and mace stats slightly
#411 When scrolling in menus using a touch gesture you incorrectly select the menu item you touched when you started scrolling
#412 The new monster and ally AI should not be able to "see through walls" while searching for a target
#413 Fix issue with not being able to put items in quickslots
#414 Add dungeon branch The Sewers

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Dweller 1.21.9 - Call me a fool!

Ok, so there's been a very elusive crash bug in the Android version of Dweller and this release should mark the end of that particular bug. The thing is that I was looking in all the wrong places despite the excellent bug reports and game logs I received from users affected by the issue. It turns out that the problem was caused only when switching orientation while playing. If the game was started in one orientation and the phone's orientation never changed the bug would not happen. To make a long story short, I feel like a fool and it's a damn shame I didn't figure this out sooner.

So, beside this very nasty bug there's also a few fixes available:

#402 Wand effect descriptions are written twice
#403 Don't show an "ally attack" message after the target has died
#405 Quest details show the incorrect amount for quest rewards
#404 If a creature dies and drops loot on a trap door it should trigger and the item should be removed
#406 Android targeting crash bug occurs after changing phone orientation

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Dweller 1.21.8

There's still at least one crash bug, but it's not very frequent and I have added some measures that I hope will prevent it from happening. I have not been able to reproduce the issue myself so I still rely on bug reports from you guys. Please keep sending them if you come across any crash bugs!

The new version does also contain some new features, items and minor bug fixes. Enjoy!

#394 Pressure plates should not be triggered while flying
#395 Calvin's Imagination is not working while flying
#397 Update Swedish translation with recently added texts
#398 Allies should not summon more creatures
#391 Add Great Helm and make it only available to warriors
#392 It should be possible to summon creatures on more floor types
#358 Creatures that do poison damage should be immune to it
#348 Add flag to mark certain items as unenchantable
#399 Items that are picked up and used via the "Use/Put in backpack" menu should be put in a quickslot as well if appropriate
#400 Armor and weapons can have activated effects
#321 Create teleport spells that transport a group of creatures

Friday, August 17, 2012

Dweller 1.21.7 - No more bugs?

I'd like to thank everyone who has sent me bug reports. I'm fairly confident that all known crash bugs have been solved now. Now let's focus on adding another dungeon branch shall we?

#393 Fix rare crash bug after killing a creature using a ranged attack

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Dweller 1.21.5 - It's getting better!

Judging by the bug reports last release seems to have solved the two known crash bugs. There does however seem to be one remaining bug related to targeting and using ranged attacks. The crash does not seem frequent, but it's of high priority nonetheless. I have uploaded a new Android release, 1.21.5, with some additional debugging to help me find this bug. Please keep sending the bug reports!

Dweller 1.21.4 - Bugs begone!

Thanks to all the players who submitted bug reports I finally found the cause of two relatively frequent crash bugs. I have not been able to reproduce the bugs myself, but the debug info that I had at hand makes me confident that they are solved. Still, if you happen to come across a crash bug please send the bug report to me!

Some minor changes along with the bug fixes:

#386 Fix crash bugs
#387 Allies should not be able to swap places with NPCs
#389 Some creatures should never start as passive
#390 Update graphics for Training dummy and Prismatic band

Dweller 1.21.3 - The bug hunt continues

I still have one very hard to reproduce bug that seems to occur quite randomly. I believe that this version should provide me with the all the logging information needed to find it. If you do come across a bug please make sure to send the save game to me via the in-game option.

#369 Improved logging when sending a save game to help with bug tracking
#383 Fix problem when using the look command without a visible target
#384 Keybinding names are not translated when changing language
#385 Equipment categories are not translated when changing

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Dweller 1.21.2

I'm happy to say that one of the two identified crash bugs have been found and solved. Along with said bugfix this version also contain improved logging that will help me find the cause of the second crash as well. Thank you to everyone who has sent me crash reports. Keep 'em coming!

#382 Fix crash when moving between levels

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Dweller 1.21.1

Minor release with improved error handling and error reporting. There's also a new item that you can find.

#380 Improve error handling
#381 Add Bag of Treasure item

Dweller 1.21.0

It's time for another Dweller release, bringing Dweller to version 1.21.0. Please note that this release has an increased minor version (ie the second number has changed) and this means that old save games are not compatible with this version. Please make sure to finish any active games before upgrading.

In a recent poll a lot of votes were made to improve the AI in Dweller. This release contains a first version of the new AI, but it will require a few more versions before I'm really happy with it. Monsters will pick their targets a little more intelligently and you should also notice that monsters will try to surround you a bit more than before. The new version also contains a first version of the Polish translation by long time Dweller fan and dungeon design contributor Mateusz. Since Mateusz finished the translation he was also entitled to design an in-game artifact, and artifact that you'll be able to come across in this version.

There was also a rather severe bug in previous versions that negatively impacted the Ranger's ability to use a bow if a powerful melee weapon was wielded at the same time.

Here's the list of changes:

#368 Ranged weapons that are better than average should have a prefix to their name
#369 Improved logging when sending a save game to help with bug tracking
#370 Damage calculations from ranged attacks is incorrectly affected by wielded melee weapon
#253 Add a base stat cap of 100 but allow items to modify it beyond the cap
#371 Gradually reduce effectiveness of merge as the attacker grows bigger
#372 Fleeing monsters that become cornered will stop fleeing and fight until dead
#373 Monsters should avoid lava
#375 Add Polish translation
#112 Cyrillic encoding wrong when changing language
#75 Tweak monster fleeing code
#377 All text should change when you switch language
#378 Mushrooms could sometimes increase your max HP
#325 Don't reveal power of Potion of Change via the price of the potion
#379 Add The Magical Catnip of Mateusz

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Dweller 1.20.7

This is mainly a bugfix release to solve some semi-critical bugs from 1.20.6. In 1.20.6 the charm spell was given a time limit and this unfortunately caused the ranger's dog to sometime become hostile. There was also a problem with the "Send Character stats" option in the Character screen. There are also a few minor changes and improvements to monster AI and creature behavior. Enjoy!

#362 Merging oozes should merge with any weaker creature
#363 Fix bug with Send Character Stats in the Character screen
#296 Water should slow down movement
#364 Orcs should not flee
#365 Show in targeting mode the time it takes to move from the targeted cell (only if it takes longer than usual)
#366 Ranger's dog should never turn hostile as other charmed creatures do
#367 Adjust monster AI spell casting to make the AI use defensive (eg heal, teleport) and neutral (eg summon, clone, merge) spells more often

Monday, August 6, 2012

Dweller 1.20.6

Several bugfixes and improvements were made in this release. One of the major changes is that the Charm spell and charmed allies aren't permanent. There's a small chance every turn that a charmed monster will turn against you so you better make sure to not have too many around at any given time! Another bug change is the addition of a proper character equipment screen with a full list of all equipment slots and which item is being used in each slot. Clicking on a slot in the equipment list will bring you to a filtered version of your inventory only showing items that can go into the clicked slot.

#350 Items with unlimited charges (normal quivers) does not properly show stacks in the inventory
#347 Show gold in character dump
#346 Allow character dump on win/death screen
#352 Do not show "Add to quickslot" option for items with no use
#354 Increased casting cost of Charm spell
#345 Nerf charm spell
#351 Prevent rats from spawning in traininggrounds
#353 Show which creatures are allies
#65 Add a proper character equipment screen
#356 Items that modify HP when worn should increase max HP
#357 The cursor should change when specialized arrows run out while in targeting mode
#292 Add pushable bookshelves
#360 Move "Send Character stats" option from the main menu to the bottom of the Character screen
#361 "Buy cleansing" from the Healer should not cure poisons

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Next big area of focus

I posted this to the official Dweller forums today:

"Ok, so, I have a pretty long list of small and big things that I could do with Dweller, but I'd like to be sure that I'm focusing on the most important stuff first.

There's a lot on that list, but I'm sure there's other stuff as well, and I'd like to hear you opinion. Here are some of the main areas I could focus on:

* Improve AI. The AI isn't that smart at the moment. It basically has three states: idle, attack, flee. The AI could be made a lot more interesting. Casters should keep their distance. Casters should pick spells to use more wisely. Packs of monsters should really try to surround the player better. Fleeing monsters should not be as easily cornered. Fleeing monsters should sometimes turn and fight, especially if close to other monsters. And so on, and so on....

* Make the rooms even more thematic. The system currently doesn't properly support placement of specific monster and/or items on the rooms you're able to create via the online mapper. It would be great if you could place Dark Wizards in rooms filled with bookshelves, tables and braziers to make such rooms feel more inhabited. Or if you could put gold or other valuables in treasure rooms instead of only putting chests. Or if you could create a Worg kennel room. Or if you could create a room filled withe purple oozes. And so on...

* More quests. Especially quests found in the dungeon. For instance you could come across the bones/ghost of a dead adventurer and you could get a quest to bring the remains to the surface. Or if you could find an imprisoned adventurer and get a quest to find the key to unlock the prison. Or if you could find a necklace that starts a quest. Or any other of the million or so possible quests...

* More dungeon branches. The Caves? The Sewers? The Mines? The Lava Pits? The Underground Lake?

* More spells

* Character perks or skills (as was discussed about warrior and ranger skills elsewhere)."

Please head over to the forums and make your voice heard there or in the comments below.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Dweller 1.20.5

It's not far between releases at the moment. Tonight it's time for Dweller 1.20.5:

#338 Prevent scrolls which require a target from being used any number of times as long as targeting mode is active
#339 Remove Scroll of Healing
#340 On-hit effects on single target attacks will not be applied if the initial attack is missed
#335 Remove "already at max health" spam from 'Calvin's Imagination'
#342 Increase weight of Crossbow from 9 to 12
#343 Pushing a monster into a portal should teleport instead of kill the monster
#344 Fix tile scaling issue on low resolution devices
#76 Add a merging ooze variant

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Dweller 1.20.4

New release with several game balance tweaks based on community feedback:

#333 Adjust spell casting base time from 250 to 150
#334 Prevent high speed from being too overpowered
#335 Remove "already at max health" spam from 'Calvin's Imagination'
#236 Nerf stun on weapons
#336 Fix target cycling issues
#239 Nerf Magical Dungeon Atlas of Hannes
#337 Buffed Goblin King and Lich King HP

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Dweller 1.20.3

A minor release but with one important fix: The Speed stats impact on how long it takes to perform an action was broken and did in no way work as intended. This is how it should work:

  • First of all, there is no real concept of turns in Dweller. If it takes x units of time for creature A to move one cell it could take 1.3 times longer (ie 30% longer) for creature B to move.
  • All monsters and the player are put in a priority queue where they are ordered based on when they are allowed to take a turn next.
  • All actions (move, open, attack, cast spell etc) in Dweller have a defined base time it takes to perform that action. For all actions except spell casting the base time is 100, while spell casting is 250 (this may need to be adjusted in accordance with what is discussed in another thread)
  • The time it takes for a creature to perform all actions except melee and missile attacks use the following formula: ACTIONTIME * 10 / SPEED
  • The time it takes to perform a melee or missile attack is: (ACTIONTIME + WEAPONSPEEDMODIFIER) * 10 / SPEED where WEAPONSPEEDMODIFIER is (ITEMWEIGHT - 5) * 10.
List of changes for this release:
#329 Add donor item "Calvin's Imagination"
#332 Fix issue with speed not properly affecting the time it takes to perform an action
#330 Allies should not block line of sight

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Dweller 1.20.2

I haven't had much time lately to work on Dweller which means that this release is mostly a bugfix release. Something worth mentioning with this and the previous release is the huge amount of new rooms added by Mateusz! Two thumbs up and a big thank you Mateusz!

#316 It is possible to exceed carrying capacity if picking up a stack of items
#317 Character screen now show if you are Slowed
#318 Rewarded questitems should always be added to the inventory, even if they weigh too much
#300 Allies killing monsters don't reward XP
#319 Make allies follow the players target better, even at range
#322 Flying creatures are no longer damaged by lava
#323 Amount of hitpoints gained if chosen at level up should be higher (+3)
#324 Adjust bonus/penalty given by Potion of Change
#326 Using a stack of wands with identical amount of charges incorrectly reduce charges on all wands
#327 Killing through use of a wand of poison without doing any other damage should reward xp
#288 Tutorial quests not always available
#328 Some spells show the wrong range

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Dweller 1.20.1

A quick update: There was a problem with the J2ME version of Dweller and I had to do a small bugfix release earlier today.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Dweller 1.20.0

A new version of Dweller was released today. The new version contains quite a few new rooms for you to discover, a lot of them with nice hidden parts. The community has been really great and they've contributed a lot of new rooms. Thank you guys! If you want to contribute new rooms yourself then check this post.

The new version also has an increased difficulty. Previous versions have been way too easy, and hopefully this new version is a step in the right direction. Please provide me with feedback on the difficulty level of the new version.

#315 Add simple character dump to e-mail
#295 Center player character better
#293 Problem with scaled graphics not being "crisp" on some resolutions
#297 Added lightsource to Exolon's White Helmet
#298 Amulet of Thot is still subject to item name prefixes
#299 Summoned monsters can sometimes incorrectly start as sleeping
#301 Add Kenneth's Five Stringed Bow (donor created artifact)
#305 Elven Water let you temporarily increase mana beyond your max mana
#311 Levitate was not removed properly when items were removed
#306 Fix issue with frozen equip dialog
#307 Problem with weapons with a slow effect
#262 Add a "buy max" option if the player cannot afford to "buy all"
#312 Incorrect message when completing the Goblin King quest
#310 Mapping doesn't reveal the bottom-most row of tiles nor right-most column
#314 Fix stairs generated in wall bug
#302 New room and corridor designs
#240 Increase monster difficulty

Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Goblin King is looking for an interior decorator and architect!

I have made some improvements to the map editor and also made an export of all the available rooms in Dweller. If you are curious about what rooms you can come across in Dweller have a look here:

If you think a room could be improved in some way please click on it and it will load in the map editor. If you have ideas for new rooms you can head over to the map editor straight away using this link:

Once you are done editing or creating a new room click on Save in the menu and copy the direct link to the room layout and post it here or on the forum.

For additional information on how to create rooms have a look at this post.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

The balancing act

I'm trying to get the balancing of monsters and items in Dweller just right, but it's not at all an easy task. I'm fairly certain that the game needs to become harder, but I don't want it to become too hard. I've started exporting the game data into formats that make them easier to share and explore. The first thing I started working on was a simple HTML output of the datafiles. The idea is to have something wowhead, but with static content generated at build time. Check out a first non CSS styled version of the monsters (SPOILER ALERT!) here.

When it comes to balancing the game I've taken that data and exported it to graphs to try and find monsters that stand out from the rest, either by being too hard or too easy. I calculate some kind of perceived power of the monster, the amount of XP you get from the monster and at what depth they are encountered:

I've managed to get perceived power and XP rewarded to be aligned, now I also need to make sure that you encounter the monsters at the appropriate depth as well. Things get a bit complicated though due to the side branches, but I think I'll manage to get it right eventually.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Dweller 1.19.2

New Dweller version that will fix many small annoyances:

#285 Buff Elven Water
#286 Fix impassable room
#282 Shambling corpse has the wrong description
#280 Automatically discover secret doors when you stand on them
#279 Treat unknown cells as empty when calculating the bitmask
#276 Bookshelves can generate books that should not be available to the player
#275 Automatically switch to 'Disarm?' when moving cursor to a trap
#283 Ranger's dog gets targeted first
#281 Shooting by tapping on a target also incorrectly moves you
#277 Empty bookshelves should be a lot more frequent than ones with books in them
#274 Auto-close targeting mode when all targets are dead
#289 On low-res screens to the top of the tutorial text isn't visisble
#290 Blurry monster graphics on some screen resolutions

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Dweller 1.19.1

This is a minor release to fix some issues with 1.19.0. Here's the change-log:

#267 Standing on stairs to training grounds incorrectly shows "Standing on stairs to the dungeon"
#265 Add tutorial message about perma-death
#268 Add tutorial message about risk of triggering traps when disarming them
#269 Minor graphics glitch on kill animation
#270 Never show +0xp messages or animations
#271 Reduced chance of finding enchanted items
#272 Unsellable items should not show a value when selling items to a merchant
#273 Do not add items to portals

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Initial thoughts on 1.19.0

Ok, so I was playing the new version of Dweller on my way to work and my first observations was that a) the tutorial quest givers didn't actually provide any quests at all and b) the frequency of enchanted items is way to high. Please post your thought on the new version as well either here, in the original announcement post or on the forum.

Dweller 1.19.0

Dweller 1.19.0 is here! I'm taking a bit of a chance releasing now since I have a feeling that new version will need a bit of balancing before it's stable. I do hope that as many of you as possible will send me feedback on the new version. I will probably release a few minor updates in fast succession once feedback starts to pour in.

The new version features a lot of changes to data formats, especially how levels are defined. This unfortunately means that save game compatibility is broken (1.x.0 to 1.y.0 denotes incompatible save game versions).

Here's a full list of changes. Enjoy!

#245 Summoning traps are undetectable
#241 Do not show the value of items that cannot be sold
#237 Unique items should never be enchanted from the start
#243 Monster spell casting was broken when mana was introduced
#236 Nerf stun on weapons
#248 Remove cast speed and have all spells take equally long to cast
#249 Add a new creature to the maze
#247 Dragon's Breath spell still show targets too far away as valid
#225 Axe hitting multiple targets not working properly
#250 Wands are not depleting their charges properly
#242 Double "It can damage enemies" in some descriptions
#217 Add a hunter pet
#251 Show mana/energy cost of spells in quickslots
#252 Improve the way the name of items in quickslots are shown
#63A dd a one-way portal back to the main dungeon from a dungeon branch
#157 Add a tutorial dungeon with tutorial quests
#254 Nerf levitate
#255 No exp gained when killing a monster using poison
#244 Pushing stone into brazier toggles it
#256 Remove minor healing from Antidote potions
#220 Do not show "Use until full health" on consumables that doesn't heal you
#219 Add the new side-branch The Crypt
#261 Cancel auto-travel on user input
#258 Crash when moving cursor outside the map
#235 Increase difference in spell costs
#260 Trying to enchant a normal quiver forces you to re-equip it
#259 Moving cursor over a non-discovered chest trap shows "Disable?"
#263 If you run out of special arrows you need to drop and requip your normal quiver to use it
#19A dd bitmasking to walls
#266 Add promo and feature graphics to Google Play
#257 Pets should increase in power over time

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Bitmasking on or off

I recently added something called bitmasking to smooth out the walls and make them look like proper walls and not separate blocks of stone laid out to next to each other. Personally I like the bitmasked version better, but who knows, maybe you guys prefer the old way? Have a look at this before and after picture and let me know what you think:



More about bitmasking here:

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Dweller is now on Twitter

I've been convinced to finally get a Twitter account, both for me personally (@bjornritzl) and for Dweller. In case you're a Twitter and Dweller user you may want to follow @dwellergame since I'll cross post there as well.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Pets and allies in Dweller

In Dweller there's a Bag of Monsters that you can come across while exploring the dungeon. When opened a charmed monster will pop up and fight along side you. It's the same as using a Book of Charms on a monsters, but it gives the warrior and ranger a chance to get an ally. Yesterday I added a Dog whistle and gave that to the ranger as a part of the starting gear. The whistle has an unlimited number of uses and when used it summons a dog (although you can only have one dog summoned at a time). The dog will work as any ally and it will try to attack targets adjacent to the player.

I am now contemplating if I should give the wizard the ability to summon elementals, but I'm afraid of the difficulty balancing this. The wizard is already powerful as it is.

Status update

There's a lot going on with Dweller and it will take a couple of more days before I can release a new version. I thought I'd share some of the things you'll come across in the next version:

The Crypt
This will be a new side branch of the dungeon, filled with all kinds of undead. At the bottom of the crypt there will be a new mini boss for you to fight. There's going to be a new kind of undead, Ghouls. Ghouls will be fast and come in large packs so you better watch out and don't get caught in the open.

More goblins
The main branch of the dungeon will host more goblins now that the undead are moving into their own side branch. Goblin Captains and Shamans will be among the new dungeon denizens.

The Ranger's best friend
As was mentioned earlier the ranger will now have a fierce dog to fight along his side.

Tutorial dungeon
New players will be able to visit a small tutorial dungeon to learn some of the basic concepts in Dweller. The tutorial dungeon will be accessible from the forest.

And of course a whole bunch of bugs have been squashed since the last release...

Stay tuned!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Dweller 1.18.0 - The return of Mana!

I have released a new version of Dweller with a lot of fixes and new features. One of the main changes in 1.18 is the return of the mana stat. The wizard will from now on use mana to cast spells. Mana is regained each turn and fully replenished on level up. Chose your spells carefully and don't spend mana on costly spells if a more efficient spell does the job equally well. Players who prefer to play Wizards will either love me or hate me due to this change. The game will be harder as a wizard, but then again, the wizard was the easiest class in previous versions.

Other notable changes is a lot of tweaks to item probabilities. In general it has become easier to find some of the rarer items. The game does from now on also offer a full screen mode that can be enabled from the settings menu.

#221 Add mana/energy as a stat used by the wizard when casting spells
#222 Add Mana Potions
#223 Add melee thrust attack to Halberd
#218 Add a length parameter to the Line area of effect
#149 Remember position in lists when selling
#109 Getting multiple books from bookshelves overwrites previous book
#224 Add a thrusting attack to Halberds that hit two targets in a straight line
#60 Add a fullscreen option
#229 Increase probability to find enchanted items
#230 Increased probability to find some rare items
#227 Adjust chance to find enchanted bows
#228 Evaluate chance to find Dwarven Mining Helmets
#226 Book of Sleep graphics wrong
#231 Fix freeze when leveling up while handing in a quest and getting a reward of an item type that is not yet equipped
#232 Fix performance degradation when message box gets flooded
#203 Rats do not move on the forest level when starting a new game
#128 Make sure that artifacts are only generated once per game
#130 Adjust out-of-depth monster generation
#233 Adjust random artifact names

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Reintroducing energy/mana

I'm finally starting to wilt to the repeated requests to reintroduce mana/magic points (MP was a stat in old versions of Dweller). I did a first stab at adding a generic energy stat currently only used by the wizard. The energy is reduced when casting spells and different spells have different cost. Some energy is regained after each turn and I'll have to reintroduce mana potions. Now that I think of it I actually believe this will be a good change that will add a lot of challenge to the way you play the wizard class.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Dweller 1.17.12 - finally some new features!

This release is actually showing some promise since it does have a bunch of new features and not only bug fixes. In this version you'll find one new spell book and slightly buffed monsters deeper into the dungeon. You will also find that axes have a slashing attack that not only hit's your target, but also adjacent targets. The damage of axes have been reduced slightly and all of them have a small speed penalty to compensate for the addition of the area of effect attack. I also plan to add similar attacks to halberds and staves.

#210 Hide XP bar text when using a small screen (320x480 or less)
#211 Fix incorrect rendering of spell and melee graphics on J2ME devices
#212 Minimap button and quickslots are incorrectly hidden on touch enabled J2ME devices
#195 Knockback effect doesn't wake sleeping monsters
#213 Remove the Missile, Wand and Book on-screen buttons. Use quickslots instead!
#162 Improve the way you cancel spellcasting
#214 Added a new spellbook
#215 Axes should have a slashing attack that hit's multiple targets
#216 Buff a few monster types

Monday, April 23, 2012

Dweller 1.17.11 - J2ME users rejoice!

Yet another bug fix release. This time around the most significant fix was for J2ME users on touch enabled devices. On touch enabled devices interactive UI elements are scaled to be more touch friendly and this unfortunately screwed up rendering of some UI elements on J2ME. This has now been fixed and I really do hope that nothing else comes up and that I can finally have some time to add new content.

#206 The cursor will clearly show what item that is used
#207 Improved the way you interact with NPCs when using tap-to-move
#208 Add option to disable pathfinding when d-pad is visible
#209 Fix corrupt UI on touch enabled J2ME devices

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Dweller 1.17.10

Unfortunately yet another bugfix release. In my recent change to the message box I did manage to screw it up a bit so the most recent messages weren't visible. Sorry about that!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Dweller 1.17.9

Here's another Dweller release. The most important change is the fix for the broken UI on J2ME devices when playing with the large tiles. If any J2ME players still have problems with corrupt UI elements please let me know. There's also a bunch of other fixes that I hope will take the Dweller 1.17 branch into a stable state so that I have time to add more content to the game. Full change log:

#200 Fix problem with friendly items (healing scrolls etc) being used on hostile targets
#198 Blinking player position on minimap need to be in a color that makes it clearly visible all the time
#196 Disarming a trap or opening a chest sets the player as target
#201 Fix recent issue with some unique items being given random names
#202 Fix "null <more>" message when "Show <more> prompts" was enabled
#194 Review spell resistance and how it is triggered
#197 Broken UI on some J2ME devices

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Dweller 1.17.8 - the poison fix

My tweak of the probability to get poisoned uncovered a bug with curing of poison. In Dweller there are two kinds of poison, the one inflicted through physical combat (arrows, bites, weapons etc) and the one inflicted through magical means (wands, cultists etc). The curing and antidote only worked on the former which caused a permanent poisoning on players unfortunate enough to be poisoned by a cultist or similar. I also managed to do some additional minror changes:

#191 Fixed issue with poison that wasn't curable
#124 Make sure that weapon enchants trigger properly and don't rely on the wielder's stats
#192 Added stun and slowing effect to missile weapons
#119 Add more names for beasts

Is the performance in 1.17.x versions good or bad?

I've done quite a bit of work to increase the performance of the game for the 1.17.x versions of Dweller. A lot of the sluggishness of previous versions was caused by a rather naive "let's redraw everything every frame" mentality. The old way worked well on desktops and powerful smartphones, but for the majority of devices it was not a very good strategy. According to my tests the intelligent rendering of the user interface components and the map has increased the performance of the game a lot, but I'm curious if this is true for the majority of Dweller's players. So, what do you say. Is 1.17.x versions faster/less sluggish than the old 1.16.x versions?

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Dweller 1.17.7

It's time for yet another Dweller release. This time I've fixed the damn scrolls for good. I have also done some additional pathfinding adjustments, made poison a bit more lethal and tweaked melee combat damage.

#187 First message of the on-screen message log wasn't shown properly
#188 Adjusted pathfinding to accept path if a monster is blocking a known but not seen cell on the map
#189 Fixed another problem with not being able to use scrolls on inventory
#177 The targeting icons cover quickslots when switching to targeting mode
#173 Backfiring sleep spell puts the player to sleep forever
#138 Tweak item prices
#190 Tweak poison and melee damage

Dweller 1.17.6

Yet another release with bugfixes. Some pathfinding and rendering issues solved.

#184 Non discovered traps sometimes render using the wrong graphics
#185 Non discovered traps still gave an option to disarm in targeting mode
#175 Incorrect quest description for the Crown of the Goblin King quest
#172 Make sure that non-discovered traps and other features aren't shown on the minimap
#186 Fix problem with pathfinding in 1.17.5

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Dweller 1.17.5

After the recent changes to the targeting/look mode a couple of players have sent me bug reports where they have encountered a null pointer when switching to targeting mode. It turns out that this was caused by switching to targeting when no suitable target was in sight. This has now been solved along with a few path finding issues and other minor bugs. A big thank you to everyone who sent in bug reports!

#178 Potion of Change showed duplicate messages
#179 Inventory weight was calculated incorrectly
#180 Trying to buy an item that is too heavy for you to carry will now properly display this if you try to buy it
#181 Trapdoor graphics did not change after it was triggered by the player
#171 Pathfinding must avoid visible traps
#182 Pathfinding did not avoid braziers and monsters/NPCs
#183 Switching to targeting mode caused a null pointer of no target was nearby

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Dweller 1.17.4

Yet another bug fix release. This time I did however also add a few new rooms to the dungeon.

#166 Wands and scrolls were limited to a maximum range of 1
#168 Scrolls used on inventory (enchant, recharge) gave an out of range message
#167 Targeting reticle still being drawn after disarming a trap/closing/opening a door
#169 Add more room designs to the dungeon
#170 Fix problems with target cycling, target reticle and messages

Monday, April 9, 2012

Dweller - more fixes

Mainly fixes for the J2ME version of Dweller, but also a fix to the equipment cycling while in targeting mode (primarily an issue on non-touch enabled devices)

#144 Hitpoint text in character portrait doesn't fit in small screens
#164 Fix broken equipment cycling while targeting
#165 J2ME: Background of map wasn't cleared properly

Dweller 1.17.2 - bugfix release

It was to be expected with such radical changes to map rendering ... Bugs. Many bugs. All of them solved now. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Dweller 1.17.0

A new version of Dweller has been released. The new version contains a lot of bug fixes for recently introduced bugs with the improved rendering and from the new Use commands. Some of the changes for this release breaks save game compatibility. You will not be able to continue a saved game if you upgrade. Full change log:

#150 J2ME UI issues after 1.16.10 release
#142 Android: OutOfMemory when creating bitmap cache
#154 It's not possible to move cursor outside of visible area when looking/targeting
#153 Don't show "Move?" on cursor if pathfinding is disabled
#152 Change setting "disable tap-to-move" to "disable pathfinding"
#117 Add flag to mark certain items as unsellable
#68 Add option to sell all but one if equipped
#111 Item icons in the inventory list don't get clipped properly
#99 Revealed hidden doors do not give a "standing on" message
#127 Show in item description if the item can be used or not by the player
#123 Switching one helmet for another didn't trigger remove effects
#129 Make sure that items can't get two or more of the same effect
#125 Enchanting items gives message about no xp gain
#116 Potion of Wizardy, Might etc do not show result of use
#101 Use GetJar for J2ME distribution
#82 Internal: Save timeWhenPlayerMayAct
#155 Nerf spellcasting/wizard class
#148 Pushable stone blocks and doors and other blocking terrain
#159 Game freeze when "Using all"
#160 Too man heals from "Use until full health"

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Dweller J2ME distribution

I'm currently trying different ways to distribute the J2ME version of Dweller. Recent versions are available via Handster and GetJar, but GetJar seems to be buggy and not allow downloads. It says that the game isn't compatible with the selected phone, regardless of what phone you try. I have set the most permissive download settings, but it doesn't seem to help and I don't get a reply from the GetJar staff either. Handster downloads work well though so please us them.

Some players have asked if I could use the Nokia OVI store to distribute Dweller. I looked into this tonight and it seems like it might be possible to use OVI as well. The biggest problem is that there's a big certification process which means that it takes a while (two weeks or so, at least for new submissions)  before a submitted app becomes available in the store. Nokia also requires the app to be certified by Verisign or similar company, but that costs quite a bit of money (€150 a year). Luckily Nokia offers to certify and sign apps for free. I'll keep you posted on any progress with the OVI store.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Dweller 1.16.12

This is a minor release including only two fixes:

#143 Corrupt graphics on Android using large tiles
#145 Increase size of d-pad

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Dweller 1.16.11

First of all I'd like to apologize for the problems with GetJar downloads of Dweller for J2ME devices. Even though I have explicitly specified the release to be available for *all* J2ME devices the GetJar service responds with:

"We've got good news and bad news: we've figured out that you have a <insert_phone_model_here> mobile phone, but unfortunately Dweller RPG won't work on that phone"

This is complete rubbish and I do expect a swift answer from GetJar on my support ticket. Please use the Handster download link for now and I'll make a post here once GetJar works as expected.

Now on to the release. This is what's been done so far:

#121 Monsters should not interact with braziers
#126 Merchant should never sell artifacts
#89 Add an option to "use until full health"
#139 Add names to credits
#141 Don't show quickslots all the time on non touch enabled devices

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Dweller 1.16.10 released

I'm happy to finally be able to announce a new release of Dweller. The release has been delayed for quite some time due to me being bogged down in framework and performance issues. I'm happy to say that Dweller is better and faster than ever. Critical/slow portions of the user interface are cached to bitmaps to improve rendering performance significantly. If you happen to come across any weird stuff such as corrupt graphics or delayed updates of UI elements please let me know!

Another major change is some improvement of the quickslots. All of the quickslots are now always visible which makes them so much more useful. You are now also able to use spell books from the quickslots without having to equip them first.

And last but not least I have also added some new spells and added different cast times to spells depending on their power and area of effect.

Download the latest version here.

Full list of changes:

#16 Quickslots always visible
#45 Run a new "Design your map piece" community effort
#70 It should not take any time to switch between spells in quickslots
#59 Large mini map
#80 Spell review
#93 Pathfinding move option in targeting mode gone missing
#97 Adjust healing
#98 Trapped chests always trigger when disarmed
#100 The rat quest description doesn't mention sewer rats
#102 Main menu pushed to upper left corner after changing settings
#103 Possible to "resurrect" dead character on game over screen by accessing inventory
#136 Change "Send Save Game" to "Send Bug Report"
#132 Separate tile and ui scale
#104 Performance review
#135 Add "Disarm" SCT and possibly also status warning of some kind

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Where's the release?

These last few days I have received several questions about when I plan to release the next version of Dweller. All I can say is that it has been delayed a little while longer. I am done with the UI changes and I've added a few new spells and given spells variable cast time depending on their potency (e.g. a big damaging area of effect spell will be slower than a single target damage spell).

My focus now is to improve rendering performance and make the game feel snappier than it does today. I've done some performance profiling and I spend way to much time rendering graphics. I am now working on ways to improve rendering speed to increase FPS and make the game feel more responsive. I will release the new version when I'm done with this, but I am at this point unable to give an accurate estimate. We are talking days, not weeks, but that's all I can say for now.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Status update #2

Ok, so I'm finally coming out on the other side of reworking the UI. I have not only rearranged the UI components but I have also separated scaling of the map and the rest of the UI components. You can now play with small tiles and still have large enough UI elements to interact with when using a touch screen. It took longer than I had planned but I think it turned out pretty well.

My plan now is to do some more work on spells and then package a new release, hopefully by the end of the week. I hope to get back to a faster release cycle since I have a ton of stuff in my issue and feature tracker that I'd like to get out to all of the players.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Status update

I've started adding some new spells to Dweller to make the wizard more interesting to play. I've had to do a bit of ground work on the whole spell/effect code and add some handling of new areas of effect. So far spells have only affected a single target, except for Book of Flames which had a "chaining" behavior where the spell jumped from target to target. I have prepared for other kinds of areas of effect, but not really implemented them, and now that I need some new areas of effect I've had to spend some time coding them.

I've added a new AoE which affects targets adjacent to the caster, up to a certain radius, and added a cyclone spell that knocks back and damages monsters adjacent to the player. Useful if you get swarmed. I've also added a "fire sweep" spell that does fire damage to adjacent targets. Next up will probably be some kind of mass sleep spell that affects monsters in a small area of the casters choice. A "cone of cold" or "dragons breath" spell with a cone shaped area of effect would also be nice, but I haven't written the code to handle that kind of AoE yet.

What I've also worked with since the last release is to make the quick slots more useful. In previous versions they've been to cumbersome to use since you had to long-press the quick slot button to get access to other quick slots than the most recently used. I want the quick slots to be immediately available and usable with a single click. The main problem here is one of screen real estate. There's so much info and interactive elements  that I need to make available to the user at any given time, and it all needs to play nicely on a touch screen.

This is the current state of the UI. This is a work in progress!

Some comments:
  • Character. I'm not sure yet how I want this box to look. It should provide a link to the character screen, but besides that I'm not really sure. Should it show HP and XP as it does in the versions available for download now? Could I get rid of both? I've moved XP down into it's own bar and HP could be put in a small bar above the player character. The problem with HP only as a bar and not a numeric value is that it's pretty important to know if you have 3 or 6 HP left as it will affect your decision making (eg. drink a potion now or finish the fight?) I'd also like to have somewhere to put buffs/debuffs such as Poisoned, Slowed, Flying, but maybe those should be shown as small icons elsewhere?
  • XP Bar. I moved this away from the Character box and down into it's own bar. I'm not sure if I need to show a numeric number here as well. Probably not.
  • Quickslots. A horizontal bar with 10 slots. The bar is scrollable left/right if all slots don't fit on screen.
  • Menu, inventory and targeting mode. I'd like to get rid of as much as possible here. I could possibly also ditch the Menu button and only make that accessible via the phones Menu soft/hardkey or key binding, but I think that might be annoying for the player. Inventory and Targeting/Look is a must and I don't think I can leave these out.

And the same in landscape mode (note that the quickslots share the same horizontal space as the rest of the buttons):

Android Market is now Google Play

Today Google announced the launch of Google Play, a revamped Android Market with apps, games, movies, music and books. I think this is a brilliant move and I'm thrilled that Android is my current OS of choice. As for Dweller nothing will change. The old Android Market link will redirect to Google Play, the download links on this site are updated and your current Dweller installation will remain and you are not required to do anything to receive future updates for Dweller.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Non-approved Dweller distribution

I have recently come across versions of Dweller on different app and software distribution sites (GetJar and Mobile9 so far). So far it's only been the J2ME version and luckily I haven't found anyone trying to sell Dweller for money yet...

I have never really liked the idea of alternative app stores since it becomes very hard as a developer to get your game out to as many users as possible, and it also adds a lot of overhead when releasing new versions or bug fixes since it has to be uploaded to several sites instead of a single one.

It is important to keep in mind that Dweller is still a work in progress and therefore contains bugs and unfinished features. By distributing Dweller in ways I have not approved prevents me from controlling software updates and bug fixes.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Design your own piece of the dungeon

I'd like to invite everyone to create your own dungeon room for use in Dweller. The maps in Dweller are built using pre-defined blocks of 7x7 tiles, puzzled together so that exits align. A room can look almost any way you like as long as it has at least one exit. Exits are placed in the absolute middle of an edge (i.e. on the fourth tile of an edge, with three tiles to the left and three tiles to the right). Some examples of valid rooms:

 Room with four exits

 Corridor with two exits

 Library with one exit

Room with vault and four exits

If you'd like to give it a try and design your own room please use this online map editor by Callidus Rex. Once you are happy with your room click save and send me the comma separated list of map data. Most of the available tiles should be self explanatory. If you want to use an "exotic" tile that you haven't seen in-game before please let me know.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Ad-supported version?

My goal with Dweller has never been to make a commercial game. Dweller was started many many years ago thanks to my childhood passion for roguelikes (I played Moria a little over 20 years ago). I had started experimenting with mobile development (I released a commercial game for the Mophun platform available on Sony Ericsson devices) and it occurred to me that there weren't any roguelikes available for mobile devices. I really liked the thought of trying to convert the traditional 20+ roguelike key-bindings to a device with only 12 available keys and a very limited screen resolution.

Looking back at the years of development it has been a real encouragement to get so much positive feedback from players. Knowing that players have enjoyed the game and stuck by it for so long has really made me want to keep developing Dweller. Thank you!

Still, the thought of getting some monetary encouragement as well as kind words is a nice one. So far the PayPal Donation option hasn't resulted in much money, but I'm truly grateful for the donations I have received. I have toyed with the idea of providing a commercial version of Dweller with more features (new games modes, a new playable class and so on) but Dweller is not there yet. If I ever add a commercial version it will not be at the expense of the free version. My goal is still to make Dweller the best free fantasy RPG/roguelike there is.

Another idea would be to have one ad-supported free version and one ad-free version sold for a small cost. Both versions would have the same functionality but the ad-supported version would show ads at the loading screen (but not in-game). My main concern is how this would be received among the players. Would you stop playing Dweller if you were presented with an ad while the game is loading?

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Opera Mobile Store

This post proves that I need to pay more attention to what I'm doing. Me and probably anyone else developing an Android game got approached by Opera (yes, the browser developer)/Handster in December 2011 about their new Opera Mobile Store asking me to upload Dweller to their store. And so I did (only the J2ME version) and totally forgot about it afterwards. Now when I log in again and have a look I saw that the version I uploaded 1.11.4 has been downloaded 20000 times! That's not bad but it also proves that I'm taking Dweller as a product a lot less serious than I should... I will think more about how to market Dweller (yes it's free, but it doesn't hurt to treat the game more serious anyway) and possibly also how to profit from it.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Calling all J2ME players part 2

Ok, so it wasn't the use of CLDC 1.1 that caused problems when trying to run Dweller on Nokia handsets. I do however think I've found the cause now, and it has to do with signing of the Dweller.jar file. I had always thought that signing a jar file for deployment on a phone worked the same way as when signing a normal jar file, but I was wrong.

I have decided to ditch signing of the J2ME version of Dweller. The primary purpose of signing a J2ME jar is to not have to ask for permission from the user to access certain parts of the API. And I'm not using any of that in Dweller so it's safe to publish Dweller as an unsigned jar.

I have uploaded a new version of Dweller for J2ME (1.16.9). I would very much appreciate if any Dweller players using J2ME handsets would report back to me if the latest version is working or not.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Calling all J2ME players. I need your help!

I've been struggling for many versions now with problems reported by a lot of players that they can't get Dweller running on their J2ME phones. It seems like the most recent version that worked on all handsets was 1.9.1. In the next version I changed from CLDC 1.0 to CLDC 1.1 to be able to use floating point numbers for UI scale and alpha values. I believe it is this change that for some reason has been causing a lot of problems for some players. The problem seems to primarily exists on Nokia devices. Sony Ericsson is running Dweller just fine and I haven't heard of other devices that haven't been able to run Dweller.

Tonight I decided to revert back to fixed point math for scaling and alpha and by doing so it was possible to go back to CLDC 1.0 again. I also had to change my logging since something like LoggerFactory.getLogger(MyClass.class) doesn't work on CLDC 1.0 due to the fact that NoClassDefFoundError isn't included in CLDC 1.0

I am now hoping that as many J2ME users as possible out there would like to help me test the new version and verify if Dweller is running on their devices. Please try (version 1.16.8) and let me know if it works or not

Monday, February 20, 2012

Dweller 1.16.7

This is yet another bug fix and balancing release. I was hoping to be able to have some time to add new features and improve spell casting, but that will have to wait until the next release. Things that have been fixed in this release are:

#83 Fix J2ME preverification
#79 Tweak orc disarm chance
#73 Nerf troll healing
#37 Improve level text in highscore list
#84 Add an option to disable pathfinding by tapping
#92 Problem with pushable stone blocks and tap-to-move
#90 Update cursor text when target dies
#86 Prevent certain monsters from being charmed
#81 Add a batch/shell file to the Dweller for Desktops release
#88 Missing translation when buying a service from an NPC
#87 Never switch dungeon branch when falling through a trap door
#91 Double "you are standing on" messages

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Dweller 1.16.6

I had to do an unplanned release to fix some issues in 1.16.5 where keys sometimes became unresponsive. The new and fixed version is available to download on Android Market and in the Download section. Enjoy!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Dweller 1.16.5

Dweller 1.16.5 is now available for download. The main focus of the release has been to improve the user experience. I have removed the <more> prompts (you can enable them from the settings menu if you really want them) to make the game faster. Another really great addition that many players have asked for is tap-to-move with full pathfinding to make exploration easier. Targeting feedback has also been improved and there's a new Equip menu that pops up if you pick up an item of a type that you aren't already using. Full change log:

#72 Items and monsters in walls
#50 Move buy/sell options to top of NPC menues
#57 Remove messages when selling/buying
#58 Change targeting icon when you can see but not target the selected creature
#47 Evaluate if a Equip popup should be shown when picking up an item of a type that isn't equipped
#73 Nerf troll healing
#69 Reduce amount of more prompts
#49 Remove blood splatter after a while
#30 smaller text log..
#17 Pathfinding
#42 Use Android display density to scale UI accordingly
#66 Monster sleep and idle animations not removed
#56 Improve item comparison
#77 Add "Miss" scrolling combat text (sct)
#78 EFFECT_LEVITATE_TARGET message missing/incorrect
#67 Allow buy/sell when a quest is ready to be turned in

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Preparing for the next release

My goal is to release the next version of Dweller during next week. I'm trying to finish up the features I'd like to have in the release and then start testing. Last night I started working on pathfinding and tap-to-move. And these are the features and fixes already done:

#72 Items and monsters in walls
#50 Move buy/sell options to top of NPC menues
#57 Remove messages when selling/buying
#58 Change targeting icon when you can see but not target the selected creature
#47 Evaluate if a Equip popup should be shown when picking up an item of a type that isn't equipped
#73 Nerf troll healing
#69 Reduce amount of more prompts
#49 Remove blood splatter after a while
#30 smaller text log..

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Please join the forums and help me shape the future of Dweller!

The Dweller forums have so far been a great success and a lot of good ideas and discussions have been started there. If you haven't already visited the forums please do so now and join the Dweller community!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Dweller 1.16.4

Dweller 1.16.4 has been released. The version solves some issues with pushable stone blocks, adds a new user created artifact and solves a problem that prevented panning the map after the menu has been opened. Change log:

  • CHANGE Weapons with draining now base the chance of success on attack vs defense instead of magic vs magic
  • #61 Opening menu removes ability to pan screen
  • #44 Added a new artifact
  • #15 Pushable stone blocks blocked movement in some cases

Monday, February 6, 2012

Quests are finally working on Android!

The very annoying bug on Android where quests sometimes didn't complete properly should now have been solved. If you are still experiencing problems with quests please let me know!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Dweller 1.16.1

The recent change to hardware keys triggering on key up instead of key down unfortunately caused quite a bit of problems, especially for J2ME users, This new release primarily fixes this issue but it also addresses:

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Problems with quests in 1.16.0?

I am very interested in hearing from people that still have problems completing quests or when quests do not progress further. If this happens to you please use the "Send save game" feature from the main menu. The first player to report such an issue and provide enough information for me to solve the bug will be allowed to design an in-game artifact.

Dweller 1.16.0

Dweller 1.16.0 has been released! The new version features support for French and Russian. Once again, a big thanks to Dannot, Jordan, Antoine, Florian, Krikunoff, John "Dosman" S and John B for their work on the translation. You will also be able to encounter a few new artifacts, designed by the translators and some recent doners. Another important thing with the new release is the new "Send Save game" option accessible from the main menu. If you come across a bug please use this function to send your save game to me for analysis. It will greatly help me to track down bugs, especially those that aren't 100% reproducible.

Download here.

  • Monsters will flow around obstacles a bit better than before
  • Send save game
  • French and Russian
  • Several new artifacts
  • Poison should now be more efficient
  • Removed "(Compared to Wand X)" when wands actually aren't possible to compare
  • Actions are now performed on key up if playing using a keyboard
  • Mapping spell doesn't map huge chunks of stone walls. Only room and corridor outlines are mapped
  • The effect of Healing potions didn't vary as much as expected between Weak and Strong ones
  • #35 Potion of change shows incorrect message
  • #36 Cleanse at the healer shows "nothing happens"
  • #32 Gaining multiple levels only give one stat increase
  • #1 Unable to disarm trap doors
  • #12 Incorrect amount shown when inspecting a pile of gold
  • #3 Spell cast animations aren't synced

Sunday, January 29, 2012

New Dweller release soon

My initial plan was to release a new version of Dweller yesterday, but I ran into some problems when I was building the release. I will need a day or two to fix the problems. The new version will contain some bug fixes, a complete French and Russian translation (thanks Dannot, Jordan, Antoine, Florian, Krikunoff, John "Dosman" S and John B!), a bunch of new artifacts attributed to my great translators and doners, some improvements to the monster AI and a new in-game bug report feature that will send the entire save game to me for inspection.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Dweller forums have opened!

As a part of the launch of the new Dweller home page I have also set up a community section with a forum. Please check out the new home page and please join the forum and start discussing Dweller!

Friday, January 20, 2012


Welcome to the new Dweller homepage. It's time for Dweller to move from the old Roguebasin page and the all purpose Peeks and Pokes blog.