Thursday, June 12, 2014

Dweller 1.25.9 - Wizards beware!

New release with a few gameplay tweaks and a new monster spell:

  • Some monsters can silence you. While silenced you're unable to cast spells from books. Will wear off after a while.
  • Reduced the amount of gold dropped by monsters
  • Reduced the amount of gold received when selling in the dungeon

Monday, June 2, 2014

Dweller 1.25.7

This version contains a nerf to ranged weapons. In previous versions of Dweller it was impossible to miss with ranged weapons. This has been changed and there is now a chance to miss with ranged attacks, based on attack stat, distance to target and max distance of weapon.

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Dweller 1.25.6 - gameplay tweaks

A new release has been uploaded to Google Play. The new version contains to game play tweaks:

  • Chests have a much higher probability of containing a good item
  • Scrolls of Recall can no longer be used if there are nearby monsters
I'm still very interested in hearing about issues with the new graphics or any crashes you come across. Post here or on the forum. Thanks!

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Dweller 1.24.30 - now working on high res devices

My release a few days ago wasn't as successful as I had hoped. Players on high res devices (XXHDPI) such as Samsung Galaxy Note got a completely scrambled and broken UI. Sorry guys!

I have uploaded a new version to Google Play that supports the new high res devices. It should be available on Google Play within an hour or so.

Note that I still need to tweak the graphics for different resolutions. It's still to large on tiny screens such as the S3 Mini and too small on Galaxy Note and similar devices.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Dweller 1.24.29 released on Google Play

I have released a few beta versions these last few months and iteratively worked towards a new stable version with the new UI. The Dweller betas have now reached a point where they are stable enough for general use, and I have decided to upload the latest beta to Google Play. The J2ME version is not released yet, since I need to look into some memory issues before I make a new J2ME release. Enjoy!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Dweller beta 1.24.25 - testing needed

I have uploaded a new beta 1.24.25. Please give it a try and report any issues. Some known issues:

* List items are a bit too small
* The map on Android should start with large tiles
* Some characters from languages other than English are missing in the font

Monday, April 7, 2014

Dweller 1.24.24 beta

UPDATE: I found a bug in the new beta. I've removed it and will upload a fix soon.

I've added yet another beta (1.24.24). It contains the following changes:

✔ #450 Fix performance issues on tablets performance (was actually solved a few betas ago)
✔ #27 Google Analytics platform
✔ #685 Changed priority of heavy weapons and thieves tools no tags
✔ #577 Make mana clearly visible in the character portrait along with HP feature (was actually solved a few betas ago)

I've added some usage tracking of Dweller using Google Analytics in the Android version. I've done this to get a better understanding of two things: 1) How is Dweller used (most common screens etc) and 2) How many people use Dweller.

Note that the usage tracking is totally anonymous, no data is sent that can identify you as a player.

If no bugs are found in this version I will upload it to Google Play.

Download version here: